Hello everyone! My name is Laura. Yep, that's me below. I need a new picture but hate having them taken. Here are a few facts about me if you're interested.

  1. I'm 24 years old.
  2. I've lived in Yorkshire my whole life.
  3. My family is incredibly important to me and I'm super close to my mum.
  4. I'm a Chemist in training studing in my final year of an MChem degree. No, I don't dispense drugs, that's a pharmacist.
  5. I want got a first.
  6. I LOVE cake.
  7. I hate the taste of alcohol.
  8. Put alcohol in cake and I'm all over it.
  9. Whisky + chocolate is the best cake flavour combination second only to chocolate and caramel.
  10. Every conversation with me turns to cake at some point. Even interviews.
  11. I also love pastry but don't often get chance to practice making anything but shortcrust.
  12. I have a low tolerance of people who don't make an effort. And idiots.
  13. I can be very blunt. Well I did say I was from Yorkshire. 
  14. Nobody will EVER beat my mum's chocolate cake. Or her shortbread. And definitely not her Millionaire's shortbread no matter how many food awards they have.
  15. I used to have two brothers but now only the one.
  16. I have three nephews.
  17. My dad is going to cry at my graduation. Guaranteed.
  18. My favourite colour is red.
  19. I'm quite tall.
  20. I've been growing my hair for years now so it's pretty long.
  21. I'm not a huge music fan. What I do like has been on my mp3 player for years and is really eclectic.
  22. My favourite film of all time is Pirates of the Caribbean 1.
  23. I'm a complete mushy romantic girly girl.
  24. Yet I have to be forced to wear make up.
  25. And I like manly comic book/adventure films.
  26. I'm pretty quiet and don't talk much until you find the right thing to get me started (usually cake). Then you'll have to tell me to shut up.
  27. I used to read books all the time. Anything from chick lit to murder mysteries. Now I don't read much because I'm continually reading recipes.
  28. I'm addicted to Pinterest.
  29. I'm also addicted to peanut butter.
  30. And tea. Not caffeine. Just tea.
  31. I can't stand coffee.
  32. Until you put it in a cake.
  33. I'm a huge worrier.
  34. I'm starting a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry this autumn.
  35. I need to get over point 33 so I can do point 34.
  36. I hold a Certificate of Education in Costume with Textiles. Yep, before Chemistry I studied a year of costume design. 
  37. I've never regretted changing course.
  38. Chemistry is JUST like cooking. Read what's been done. Learn what to put together. Try it yourself on your own system. Just never lick the spoon.
  39. ALWAYS lick the kitchen spatula.
  40. I can't think of anything else....yet.
Why I'd Much Rather Bake Than...?
Well because everyone should have a passion an obsession. Luckily the people I know benefit from the results of mine.


  1. Very intresting blog found you at ukfba blog

  2. I love your list! I hate alcohol and coffee too, until they're put into cake of course. I love peanut butter, hate wearing makeup but do it anyways, and love comic book/action movies. Pirates is the best film ever, for sure. Love your blog, too!

    1. Aw I'm glad you liked it. It sounds like we have a lot in common!

  3. Hello!
    I got through my Ph.D. work by baking bread every week! In a toaster oven. May I ask how your degree is coming? or better still, finished up?
    I'm baking your Kentish Cake next week...

    Kate Olgiati


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