Friday, 5 September 2014

Totally Fudged! Review

As a blogger I have to work hard. Coming up with recipes I feel are fit to be shared, baking them, photographing them, editing, writing the post and then all that promotion. Plus all that time spent looking at recipes books and Pinterest. Sorry, I mean research. The hardest part though is when companies send me the loveliest thiongs to review. What can I say? It's a tough job!
 I found out about Totally Fudged! through Twitter. A quick nosey around their fun and modern but ever so slightly chic website and by the end of the evening I was looking forward to a box of three flavours of small batch, handmade fudge being popped in the post for me.

Something about Totally Fudged! appealed to me. Ed and Jim are only young, recent graduates in Accounting & Finance and Business Management & Marketing respectively, but they already seem to have got the enthusiasm and necessary passion for a successful business down good and proper. There is a certain verve about them. A genuine energy and spirit. I always find products and brands all the more appealing when the owners seem like truly decent people. If I'm going to spend my money then I would much prefer it to go to people who appreciate the custom. Totally Fudged! give me that feeling. Ed and Jim say they want to create a 'young and fun image for the brand' which is obviously going to appeal to customers of their own generation but I think their friendliness will appeal to those who are shy from being much younger and the older generation too - anyone who appreciates politeness and quality.

So, the fudge. I was lucky enough to receive a variety pack which contained the three flavours from the current range - Madagascan Vanilla, Double Chocolate and Sea Salted Caramel.

Each packet has the list of ingredients on the back and it is blissfully short. A minimal ingredients list is the mark of a true small batch handmade fudge. Here's what I thought.

What I liked best:
  •  The texture - the fudge looks crumbly but it is actually very smooth and delcious. It is just the right softness too, not so soft it will get squashed, not too hard you struggle to cut or bite into it.
  • The flavours - Ed and Jim have started off with classic flavours that will suit most people and purposes. Vanilla, chocolate and caramel can be enjoyed on their own or added to a recipe withou detracting from the dish, like I did here with my Very Vanilla Cupcakes. I created them to see how the fudge would act as a decoration and a finisher - one word, perfect.
  • The portion sizes - the bags are a good size and the fudge pieces are just right to have one as a treat, if you managed to close the bag up and savour the rest. Massive great hunks of fudge are off putting.
  • The people - it only took a small amount of interaction for Ed and Jim to shine though, and I think that is pretty difficult through social media. Plus, when I received my parcel, the first thing I saw on opening the box was this adorable note.

What I thought could be better:
  • I'd like there to be more variety of flavours. However, I have no doubt that once Totally Fudged! have grown a little Ed and Jim will be back in the kitchen stirring up more beautiful flavours. Hopefully nothing too flamboyant though because I think that would ruin the fudge and the brand. I'd like to see mint, clotted cream and maybe a layered chocolate orange. That's just my personal opinion though!
  • As a huge chocoholic I'd like the chocolate one to be more chocolatey. This is my only real criticism though. Having said that, it was my parents' favourite because it was the creamiest.

So which one was my favourite? This one came as a surprise for me because normally I really don't like the stuff normally but this one won hands down. Sea Salted Caramel. I can't say why but from the first taste I knew that one wasn't going on the cupcakes. That one was all for me.

The real question is would I buy the fudge myself. Yes, I definitley would. It's gorgeous. Sweetand creamy and everything a homemade sweetie should be. The price is good too at £3 for a 150g bag, and very good compared to other small batch producers. Totally Fudged are doing a mini tour of foodie shows and fairs at the moment down south but in the meantime there is always the website. I hope to see them up north soon and I wish Ed and Jim the best of luck.

Disclaimer - I was sent the fudge free of charge and all opinions expressed are my own. I wouldn't lie to you. The first too pictures are property of Totally Fudged! with the rest being my own.


  1. A good fudge is definitely worth eating, but it has to be natural and very very creamy! I am very jealous that you have been sent such delicious samples to test...... Mouth-wateringly jealous! Maybe you could send me the empty bag with a few crumbs?

    1. Must be a good sign if I've made you jealous just by talking about it =)

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