Thursday, 18 September 2014

London's Best Bakery Competition with BBC Good Food Bakes & Cakes Show

Have you heard about the all new BBC Good Food Bakes & Cakes Show taking place in London next month? I for one cannot wait to go. It's going to be even more eonderful and fantastic even than the regular BBC Good Food Shows and the last I went to of those was pretty awesome. Luckily for you I have an extra special discount code for you right here.
BBC Good Food Show Disocunt Code Promotion Bake and Cakes
It's safe to say that Britain has some pretty amazing bakeries and many of those are in our capital city of London. BBC Good Food is hosting a competition to find the best of the city and will present the winner with their award at the show itself and YOU get to help decide the worthy winner. 
BBC Good Food Show Disocunt Code Promotion Bake and Cakes
If you follow this link you can have a nosey at those who had been nominated. were up for the public vote. Now it's up to the mystery shoppers to decide the top three from the shortlist below - I wish I lived closer to London. I would gladly have spent a couple of days mooching around tasting lots of different breads, cakes and biscuits!
No of Votes

Katy Truss, artisan food expert and one of the competition judges, who is managing the competition on behalf of the BBC Good Food Bakes and Cakes Show says about the campaign…

“London is full of amazing bakeries, and with ‘real bread’ and artisan producers more popular than ever, I’m sure that with the help of London’s food-lovers we’ll uncover some real gems. It’s a fabulous way of giving recognition to those going the extra mile, mindfully sourcing their ingredients, engaging with their community, and above all selling high quality bakes and cakes.”

I don't get to go to london very often but he next time I do I'll be passing by all the high street coffee shop chains and heading straight for a selection of these bakeries instead. I'm incredibly jealous of those bloggers who will get to mystery shop those on the shortlist! There's still more than a month to go before the show opens but I'm already super excited to visit and to see the winner. Grab your discount code and I'll see you there.

So tell me, have you visited any of these bakeries which have been deemed among the best? Do you have a favourite? Or do you think there is a bakery which deserves to be on the list which has been missed off?


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