Friday, 1 August 2014

The Biscuit Barrel Challenge - August 14

After a moody June and scorcher of a July it's anybody's guess what August will be like.

Last month I challenged you to create something using in season fruits the the results were a brilliant mix of pretty treats. This month I'm keeping it seasonal again but this time with the heat that is upposed to be seasonal at this time of year and the knowlege that it can often put people off turning the oven on to bake. With that in mind the theme for August is...


That's right, I would love to see all your creations that don't require the use of the oven. Knowing how many bakers have sweet teeth I know you won't want to go without so this is your excuse to get experimenting with recipes that don't need you to turn the oven on. 

Melting on the hob recipes are ideal as are recipes needing the microwave or perhaps all you need to do is chill a mixture. Whichever way you choose, just remember it isn't just biscuits and cookis that will fit into a biscuit barrel - any individual treat that can for into a biscuit container of some description are allowed so traybakes, bars, scones and cupcakes are all in. Yes, you really can make scones and cupcakes in a microwave!

Have fun!

The Biscuit Barrel Challenge rules:
  1. Blog about your recipe that fits in with the theme of the month, linking back to I'd Much Rather Bake Than... Include the logo in your post and add 'The Biscuit Barrel' as a label.
  2. Follow I'd Much Rather Bake Than... using the Google Friend Connect Button.
  3. Add the link to your post to the linky tool at the bottom of the post of the month. The link up closes on the 26th.
  4. The recipe can be your own or someone else, just give credit where it is due. You can also add old posts as long as they have been updated to include the logo/link/label.
  5. You can submit as many recipes as you like and enter your recipe into as many other challenges as you wish.
  6. Don't be concerned about joining in every month. When you have time or when you feel like it is fine.
  7. If you are on Twitter tweet your link to be @MustBakeCakes and use #biscuitbarrel and I'll try to retweet those I see. I'll also pin entries onto the Biscuit Barrel board on Pinterest.
  8. Any questions feel free to ask in a comment or email at


  1. Ooh brilliant theme! Hope to join in this month after missing out last month!

    1. Fingers crossed and I'll look forward to it Ros!

  2. A fantastic challenge theme this month, I will try and enter!

    1. I hope you can but no pressure if you can't. I know what it's like, you intend to do things but then other stuff gets in the way!

  3. Nearly have my post finished for this, ahead of the game this month!

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

    1. Haha, I'm looking forward to it already Angela =)

  4. Ah nice one. We Should Cocoa is all about marshmallows this month, so we might have some joint entries.

    1. Ooo, brilliant theme! I think I might have just changed my idea now!

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