Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Biscuit Barrel May 14 Round Up

When I set the May theme as favourites, I was eager as always but not quite sure what to expect. Would people want to revisit something they've done before or would they be disappointed that they weren't being encourage to try out something new? I needn't have worried though because the entries were soon flowing in and it has been really interesting to see what people think of as a special recipe in whatever way.

And I really do have to say, I'm not surprised any of these are favourites. Each time I saw a new entry came in I wanted to eat it!

First up is Sue from A Palatble Pastime with these Quick Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns. Oozing with the most glorious of sauces and scattered with all those pecans, these are extra quick to make if you need to get a fix quickly because they use a bought dough sheet.

These Malted Choc Chip Cookies found over at Chocolate Log Blog use Choclette's favourite malty flavours. Inspired by Ruby from GBBO 2013, Choclette added her own stamp with different flours and of course, chocolate chips so they became like Maltesers in biscuit form and hence why they sound perfect to me!

This Mini Victoria Sponge from Ros at The More Than Occasional Baker was made because it was a special someone's favourite and it is easy to see why, filled with fresh strawberries and luscious clotted cream. The ideal birthday treat though if I had been the rcipient, I probably would have wanted to keep it all to myself. 

Kate from The Gluten Free Alchemist made these Dark & Chewy Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cookies for her family because it is a very popular flavour combination amongst them. Rich and gooey with chocolate chips and cocoa instead of flour, the crackly tops make them all the more appealing.

These Caramel Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies from Linzi at Lancashire Food are gluten free and the result of continuing adventures with buckwheat flour with the addition of a bargain buy from a baking show. Described as an adult cookie, I wouldn't feel guilty in the slightest at witholding these from my monster darling nephews.

Angela from Garden, Tea, Cakes and Me made this batch of Chocolate Chip Shortbread while reviewing an adjustable rolling pin. Not only did her post make me want that rolling pin, I immediately wanted some of these buttery, cumbly biscuits with a good old chocolate hit myself.

A favourite since childhood, Camilla from Fab Food 4 All made these Danish Vanilla Wreaths as soon as she found the right product to help her along. A crisp, buttery cookie with a hint of almond, the recipe makes quite a lot so you can enjoy them for a good amount of time. 

Until recently Corine from Searching for Spice didn't realise just how good peanut butter is biscuits was but these Peanut Butter Cookies changed all that for her. Good for both cutting out and for rolled round cookies I suspect this recipe will be revisited soon.

Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary wasn't actually happy with these Boston Creme Doughnuts but I couldn't see the flaws and would be hard pushed not to be reaching for a second before I'd even finished the first. Sometimes you have to let go and satisfy that desire for a traditional fried doughnut filled with the most luxurious of creme patissieres and topped with dark chocolate ganache.

Stuart from Cakeyboi is well known for his inventive recipes and these Cookie Dough Tarty Pops certainly do not let hime down. Shortcrust pastry with a cookie dough truffle filling, these homemdae versions are far better than the basic flavours available from UK stockists. I've never tried a Pop Tart but I think these would be a good initiation.

Ros from The More Occasional Baker showcased one of her favourite flavour combinations in these Raspberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes. Baked for a truly good cause and designed to use up available ingredients, they look so pretty and were, needless to say, a big hit with the recipients.

Sudha from Spicy, Quirky and Serendipitous has given us a very inventive variation on a classic in these Carrot Cup Cakes with Coconut Cream, Turmeric and Saffron Frosting. Created when something extraordinary was needed to satisfy a craving, these unusual flavours give just enough to the bake without being overpowering creating a good balance. 

Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary found that these Oatmeal Raisin Spice Cookies were just the thing to accompany a picnic packed for adventuring. Crunchy outsides and chewy insides lend themselves to spices and source of slow release energy held within - ideal for keeping energetic explorers going.

Have you ever wanted to try stamped biscuits but couldn't decide which recipe would be best to show off the design? Well Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog has done the hard work for us all and reported back that these Chocolate Stamped Biscuits are a safe bet. The impressions held well and the biscuits themselves had a well rounded chocolate flavour with the addition of a little bit of spice. Is anyone putting the kettle on soon?

It took a little while for me to decide what to enter for this months challenge - I thought I'd have it easy but it turns out that there are so many biscuits that I love that I couldn't choose a favourite. In the end though I plumped for Millionaire's Shortbread because it combines some of my favourite things - buttery shortbread, rich, creamy caramel and of course, chocolate. Plus, it holds lots of lovely memories for me, traditionally being made by one of my favourite people - my mum!

Kerene from The Dream Baker made these Lemon Glazed Vanilla Pound Cupcakes in honour of her sister and the memories they share. A good vanilla base suitable for several adaptations is topped by a lemony glaze which shows off the zesty speckles. 
Kerene from The Dream Baker dedicated her first attempt at Cinnamon Rolls to her other sister and tells of a very useful single prooving method which I'm sure will be intriguing to a good number of people. Baked together so they nestle up closely in their circular cake tin I want to tear right into the batch - I baggythe centre one!

Rebecca from BakeNQuilt made these No-Bake Swedish Chocolate Balls after being served them in a chocolate shop and needing something which didn't add heat to the already hot kitchen. Quick to make and addictive to eat, these little treats are made from basic cupboard ingredients and given another texture by being rolledin coconut so you can easily make them yourself.

Alexandra from The Lass in the Apron made these Everyday Double Chocolate Cookies from a much-loved base recipe discovered for her mum who cannot eat eggs and by sharing them with us has allowed more people to be aware of the beauty of an egg-free cookie. Fuss free to make, Alexandra says that the absence of the egg allows the flavours of the other ingredients to come through more and when there is chocolate and cocoa involved that could never be a bad thing.

Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen baked these Crisp Crumbly Cocoa Biscuits to satisfy the wishes of her nephew but they proved to be popular with all who got to try them. I think the recipe title says it all but then when you consider they are based off a melting Viennese biscuit recipe, you know for a certainty that they are going to be good.

Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker rounds us off now with these Chocolate and Mint Ice Cream Cupcakes. Baked in ice cream cones for that extra fun element, these fabulous treats feature a good chocolate cake base with a scoop of mint chocolate chip buttercream ice cream with a chocolate ganache drippy sauce, sprinkles and of course a cherry on top to finish. These are even more appealing than a real ice cream!

So that's it for this month and thank you to all you participated for sharing your favourite recipes. Hopefully some of you will discover new favourites from this list and I'd be ever so pleased to hear if you have done so. Don't forget to check back in a few days time to see what I have in store for the June edition of the Biscuit Barrel and if you have a theme you would particularly like to see then let me know - I'm always open to suggestions!


  1. Great round-up Laura. what a wonderfully varied selection of mouthwateringly delicious treats.... I'd like one of each of them please!

    1. My thoughts exactly, it's so easy to see why they are favourites!

  2. Amazing round up - I can see what you mean about wanting to eat all of these! I do too!! I can't wait to check out each entry in detail when I have a spare moment.

    1. I hope you get to luxuriate in them all soon!

  3. Wonderful round up, lots of inspiration

  4. Awesome round up! I want cookies now. Is it too early for cookies?

    1. Never! We have this discussion frequently in the office and we usually last until half nine on days where I've brought goodies in =D


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