Friday, 16 May 2014

BBC Good Food Bakes & Cakes Show - 25% Discount

*UPDATE* The offer has now expired as the date of the show has passed. Why not sign up for email updates ready for when the next show and offer is available? Look to the right hand side of the screen and pop your email in the waiting box. 

The 25% and 20% voucher codes have expired now but there is still time left to use this 15% off code. Click here to buy your tickets are quote 15PO to get your 15% discout now! See you at the show!

*UPDATE* This voucher code has expired but I have another one for you here. Click here to grab it now!

As I write this I'm trying desperately not to squeal like an excited child. I literally am finding it difficult to keep typing because I have some awesome news for you.  

First, the people who run the BBC Good Food shows have brought out a new one and it is all about cakes and baking - that's pretty much me in a nutshell. It's going to be so amzingly awesome. Head on over to their website for the proof
Second, I have an extra special DISCOUNT CODE for you to get 25% OFF!!! Sorry, the exclamation marks were called for. You can probably tell I'm not bothering with subtlety with that image.

The BBC Good Food Bakes & Cakes Show, sponsored by Lexus, launches at the beautiful Business Design Centre in Islington, London from 25-27 October 2014.   Bringing the popular BBC Good Food Bakes & Cakes title to life, the show will be packed with baking, bread-making and cake-crafting demonstrations, free master classes, and hundreds of products to get you baking like a pro.  

PLUS!  Don't miss out on seeing your favourite baking stars, LIVE at the show!  Every full day adult ticket includes a seat for the Bakes & Cakes Theatre, where you can watch Mary Berry, Mich Turner, John Whaite, Paul Hollywood, and other expert bakers in LIVE 30 minute baking and technique demos.

Whether you're new to baking or a seasoned baking veteran, the BBC Good Food Bakes & Cakes Show is the perfect place to meet bakers, cake-crafters and confectioners, learn new skills, and pick up all the essentials you need to develop your home baking hobby.

Tickets are now on sale! Just quote EBPAR1 when purchasing to receive 25% off tickets! Click HERE to buy your tickets right now!

Having been to the BBC Good Food show in Birmingham last December I can say how amazing these shows are. You will enjoy yourself for the entire day I promise you so this discount code really is worth using. Know an avid baker who loves to learn, shop and watch everything to do with their hobby? These tickets are the perfect present. Hide them in a cake tin and they will love you all the more. Want a treat for yourself? There is no better eay to do it than to save money at the same time. Need to give someone a massive hint as to what gift you'd like for an upcoming occasion? Leave this page open where they will see it every chance you get. 

I'll be there for sure. I've already got that weekend planned and uni work organised accordingly. If you see a hyper looking reasonably tall twenty something running around from stall to stall, probably carrying a million and one bags, then that will be me so be sure to come over and say hi. I've never meant it more than when I say I can't wait to see you there!

All images and most of the text are courtesy of BBC Good Food. Opinions expressed are my own and this is not a paid post though a press pass for the show was offered in exchange for writing the post. 


  1. How lucky for you that you can go to these events! Sometimes living in the middle of nowhere really sucks, haha! :D I hope you have a fantastic time and I can't wait to hear all about it! Take loads of pictures! I want DETAILS!!! :D

    1. Awww, I saw you had done a post too and wonded if you would get to go. All the more reason to write a really long blog post on it then so yep, LOTS of details! I'm even considering using it as an excuse to buy a new point and shoot camera because I really want one....

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