Friday, 28 March 2014

Biscuit Barrel March 14 Round Up

Another month has gone by which has of course included lots of baking. I swear I'm getting more and more known for this addiction at university. I don't mind though. I'm sure I'm not alone in that baking is more of an obsession than anything else.

I thought it would be good for this months challenge to be all about the new season of spring. The change of season can be quite significant for some people and I wanted to see what spring meant to you, whether that be with a recipe coneected to the season, an ingredient that reminds you of spring or something else. It has been really interesting reading about, and drooling over all your recipes and I hope there is something here that interests each of you too. 

I was first up myself this month with my Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Coconut Cookies. They came about when I went home for the weekend and an old recipe popped into my head which then made me wonder if I could replace one of the ingredients with coconut. They were a resounding success and I could eat a plateful quite easily, especially with a cup of tea because they were brilliant dunkers with lots of complementary textures and flavours.

A craving to bake and for something lemony meant that Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker made these Lemon and Poppyseed Muffins.  Generousy topped with a lemon glaze, I couldn't agree more that something zesty has the feel of spring.

Made with St Patrick's Day in mind, Rebecca from BakeNQuilt came up with these Mint Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Treats. I can see how the addition of chocolate chips and peppermint to a never fail to please rice crispy treat would be a winner, then topped with a ark chocolate ganache, these are all the more special.

Easter is undoubtedly linked with Spring and hence why Cakelaw from Laws of the Kitchen has shared these Somerset Easter Biscuits with us. Containing spices, fruit and mixed peel, these buttery biscuits shouldn't just be limited to this time of year at all.

Kate from The Gluten Free Alchemist has made these Orange & Raspberry Friands this month demonstrating that their fluffy, airy texture is a brilliant alternative to a cupcake. Being good for using up leftover egg whites, friands can manage numerous flavour combinations and the one Kate went for prove to be heavenly to both taste and smell and full of sunshine.

Helen from Family-Friends-Food made these Brown Sugar Hamantaschen to celebrate the Jewish festival of Purim. I have never heard of these before and always find a recipe that has a particular prupose or history behind it all the more interesting. Similar to a jam tart in parcel form, having now been introduced to these little pastry shapes with a delicate caramel flavour and filled with jam, I really want to try them.

This Sbrisolona from Mireille at Chef Mireille's East West Realm is a regional speciality of Lombardy in Italy. A cookie cake made with wholewheat flour, polenta and almonds, this is full of texture and sweetness. A cup of tea is recommended to go with it which is fine by me, the perfect chance to relax and enjoy a slice!

These Ginger Simnel Cupcakes by Alexdra from The Lass in the Apron are a perfect alternative to the big layered cake typically associated with Easter and traditionally with Mother's Day. Baked with marzipan in the middle and dipped in an orange glaze, these are a personalised adaptation to include desired flavours, namely ginger and just goes to show how a recip can keep its roots while being individually tailored. 

Stuart from Cakeyboi has well and truly hit the theme of this month with these Spring Coookies. A clever idea to use up leftover sugar cookie dough, these are surprisingly easy and quick to make. Just remember the chilling stage if you want the perfectly formed spiral achieved here - a truly refreshing idea!

Perfect for Mother's Day and keeping children entertained with the decorating, Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary created these Mother's Day Flower Cookies. Mini works of art with their blooming sugarpaste flowers, these biscuits can be flavoured with vanilla or rosewater and the dough is very easy to work with - a good base for lots of biscuit ideas by the sounds of things!

Alexandra from The Lass in the Apron shares some fantastic news with us in her post for these Coconut Easter Eggs. Pop over there to see for yourself and to get the recipe for these beautifully decorated, chocolate covered chewy coconut bites. They are definitely the sort of thing I wouldn't be able to stop at just one of!

There we go, all finished for this month. I'm definitely in the mood of spring now and eager to get into the kitchen. Come back soon for the next Biscuit Barrel Challenge but until then, happy baking!


  1. Lovely set of recipes! Nice to see what inspiration 'spring' brings. Cakeyboi definitely had me laughing.....

  2. Lovely biccies - for me, the easter biscuit is something that I only make at spring time; normally I'm not too bothered about seasonality!

    1. You know, I really must try making Easter biscuits this year. It's one of the things I've said for ages that I want to do.

  3. Wonderful roundup, Laura. Thanks for putting us all into the springtime spirit--even if the weather is not necessarily co-operating in my corner of the world . . . sigh.

    1. Oh dear, hope it cheers up for you soon! Or at the very least, you get to bake lots of goodies to make up for it =)


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