Friday, 28 February 2014

Biscuit Barrel February 14 Round Up

With a theme of chocolate I knew I couldn't go wrong. I mean, it's chocolate. The joint most wonderful food on this earth, strawberries being the other one - I may have mentioned this once or twice in my posts. If I could eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and not have it affect me apart from making me subliminally happy, I absolutely would. And these recipes would definitely get a look in while I was pondering which of the thousands of chocolatey recipes I've looked at to bake next!

First up we have these Strawberry and White Chocolate Hearts from Kate at The Gluten Free Alchemist. Whether you agree with Valentines Day or not it doesn't really matter because any excuse is good enough to bake these ever so pretty biscuits. A sweet white chocolate dip pairs well with the fruitiness of the freeze dried strawberries. A pretty good match I'd say.

Next is Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog with these Zebra Biscuits. Having made these myself a while ago I can attest to how good they are, with both white and dark chocolate in the doughs, layered together and sliced. However, I'm very jealous, in the most supportive of ways, because Choclette has made them look so good where mine were rather messy!

Another thing I may have me tend before is how much I love the combination of chocolate and caramel so these Chocolate and Caramel Whoopie Pies from Corina at Searching for Spice had me right from the start. Filled with a mascarpone toffee cream and studded with more toffee bits, I could definitely eat one of these for pudding.

Tina from The Worktop provides these Double Chocolate Love Cookies now for lovers of deeply chocolatey sweet goods. It has taken years to tweak and get just right but these are finally the perfect crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside sort of cookie packed full of flavour and love.

Elizabeth's Florentines (from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary) start off with a lovely story. Ideal if you want to spend a day in the kitchen, as well as for using up bits and bobs from your cupboards, these biscuits contain fruit, nuts and of course a layer of chocolate. Could those pretty wavy lines be any more perfect?!

Rebecca from BakeNQuilt shares these Chocolate Dipped Pistachio Lace Cookies now. As soon as I saw them I wanted to make a cup of tea, grab a plateful  and sit down with a good book. Buttery nuts combine with honey and chocolate to create something pretty tasty. Rebecca suggests serving them with ice cream and I couldn't agree more. 

Alexandra from The Lass In The Apron has once again come up with a clever entry in these Pumpernickel Tuiles. A delicate cookie with an intense flavour, Alexadra adapted a recipe to include orange and chocolate as well as caraway - a spice which was once on her list of hated flavours but is now turning up in foods that she really likes. 

What with one thing and another I was later than normal in submitting my own entry in the form of these Dark Chocolate Muffins. I've been searching for a winning muffin recipe for a while now and if you want something with a darkly chocolate flavour I'd go with these. They freeze really well and heated up in the microwave so the milk chocolate turns molten and the white chocolate practically caramelises, they are a perfect finisher to a meal. 

It has been an aboslute age since I made anything with Smarties and as soon as I saw Cheryl's Golden Syrup Oat Biscuits with Smarties at Madhouse Family Reviews I wanted to go out to the shops to buy some and get baking. A good alternative to flapjack, these sticky treats use granulated and dark muscovado sugars to add a balanced caramel flavour.

Goji berries are one of theose foods that you hear about in little snippets all over the place but very rarely see in baking. Janine from Cake of the Week has provided an excellent example of how they can be used though with these Goji Berry and White Chocolate Cookies. The chewy and sweet but almost smoky berries pair well with the chocolate and I for one wouldn't mind one of these to finish my lunch with because after all, they are healthy with those superfruit berries in!

After the success of a previous recipe, Julie from Julie's Family Kitchen made these Chocolate Drizzle Shortbread Hearts which are undeniably pretty and make me want to reach into the photo to grab one. A classic buttery biscuit to match the dark chocolate drizzled artistically over the top - I wish I could get my drizzles so nneat and perfect!

So there you go. Lots of wonderful chocolate filled and dipped recipes for you to peruse and hopefully make. The only problem now is choosing which to try first. That and trying to not eat the chocolate before it makes it into the oven.

Come back soon for the March Biscuit Barrel Challenge!


  1. Great round up. Lots of new goodies to try!!!!!

  2. Great chocolatey round up! I particularly love the look of your dark chocolate muffins. I love putting chocolate muffins in the microwave too. Oozy chocolate chunks are the best!

    1. I completely agree, it's worth warming unfrozen ones up just for the chocolate goo!

  3. Great round up! Those pistachio biscuits look especially intriguing.

    1. They definitely do, not something I've come across before.

  4. What a packed biscuit barrel you have here - all look delicious, but both sets of hearts look quite stunning. Thanks for the round-up Laura.

    1. Haha, I've been brought up with the notion that a well stocked biscuit barrel is a must!


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