Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Vanilla Diaries Week 6

This is only a quick little post to give you the latest update on my homemade vanilla extract. Well, it's ready!!! Six weeks is the minimum time recommended to let the vanilla pods soak in the vodka and that was up on Thursday. I can't wait to use it but sadly I don't know when that will be because we still have loads of Christmas goodies left and no doubt Mum will send me back with half of them when I return to uni tomorrow so I won't have the need to bake for a while. With vanilla anyway. I need to bake something for the challenges I so love to enter and I have plans for those. 

Anyway, here it is. My baking baby.

When Mum has finished her bottle of shop bought extract I'll be refilling it with some from mine, then topping mine up with more pods and vodka. It really does smell good you know. Even with my lack of sense of smell I know it smells good. At about the five week mark Mum could smell the vanilla but all I could smell was the alcohol. Now though there is less of an alcohol smell so the change must be from the vanilla. What would you bake to Christen your first bottle of extract with? I'm thinking something simple like a Victoria sponge so the vanilla can really come through. I'd welcome suggestions though!

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