Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Vanilla Diaries Week 3

This is just a quick post to let you all know how my vanilla extract is coming along. I had intended to give you an end of week 2 update but really there wasn't a massive change so I left it until now. Everymorning when I make breakfast I have to resist the urge to take the bottle out and give it a good shake because it isn't really necessary to do it that often now but I still want to. I've been wondering if I can get away with just a four week extraction rather than the full six so I can start it before Christmas but I know I shouldn't really. I'm used to two and four hour extractions in the lab so this is a bit different for me. I don't think it has changed all that much but that is to be expected at this stage. A little darker maybe? I'm not sure. All I do know for certain is that I cannot wait to give it a trial run!

You can read my excitement over starting this here for Week 0 and here for Week 1.


  1. It's somehow very satisfying making your own vanilla extract. I leave my pods in and just keep topping my jar up with vodka every so often.

    1. I'm finding it so satisfying even now and it isn't even ready yet!


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