Sunday, 15 December 2013

Brown Sugar Shortbread - Guest Post

This is one of those posts that I can barely write for excitement. The reason? I'm going to tell you all about my first ever guest post!!! I never thought I'd get to write a guest post. It's a massive honour having my witterings published on somebody elses blog and to make it even better, it is part of a fantastic project - the 2013 Cookie Advent Calendar run by Stephanie over at Kitchen Frolic. I met Steph through Twitter when Stuart from Cakeyboi suggested me after Stephanie put out a call for recommendations for bloggers to take part in this years calendar. I was really touched that Stuart thought of me in that moment and it just goes to show how supportive the blogging network is.

The Advent Calendar is in its second year now and each day throughout December Stephanie reveals a new recipe by a different person. The standard of recipes so far has been awesome which has made me a little nervous that my Brown Sugar Shortbread will be up to scratch. Nevertheless, it was really fun to spend time thinking what to make then getting in the kitchen to give it a go, and of course I had to taste test it first! Well, as you can see from the size of that cup and saucer I really like drinking tea and what better accompaniment to tea than biscuits?!

I could spend another half dozen paragraphs or so telling you all the virtues of these biscuits but I'm going to be good and leave it here for now. Instead, pop over to Kitchen Frolic to see the full post and don't forget to say hi. Thanks again to Stuart for recommending me and Steph for having me on her wonderful blog.

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