Friday, 29 November 2013

The Vanilla Diaries Week 1

So, I'm at the end of week one of making my own vanilla extract. I'm still as excited as ever about it and I reckon it is looking pretty good. As good as chopped up vanilla pods in vodka can look anyway. There isn't much to say but I wanted to post an update because I'm so looking forward to using this when it is ready. Here's a picture comparison - a pretty big change I'd say!
Week 1

Week 0
This probably isn't very exciting to anyone except me but that doesn't change how mightily pleased I am. The only thing I'm more excited about right now is the fact that tomorrow I am finally, FINALLY getting to go to the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham. Alright, so I'm going on my todd because no-one else wanted to go but that isn't going to stop me having an immense about of fun and spending a stupid amount of money. I've even opened my coin can which is strictly for adventures only. I cannot wait! If I manage to not act like a child in a sweet shop already high on sugar and Coca Cola then I'll post some pictures but no promises on that one I'm afraid.

Happy baking!


  1. I hope you had fun at the Good Food Show - I always love it when I go. I'm on my 4th bottle of homemade vanilla extract now - I got really excited watching it every week when I first started. I've never gone back to buying from the shops since I started making my own - well worth it. I usually have 2 on the go so as you finish the first one, the second one is ready.

    1. That's a good idea to have a second one on the go. I hadn't thought of it but I'll be sure to remember it now!

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