Thursday, 28 November 2013

Biscuit Barrel November 13 Round Up

Wow is all I can say. I have been completely overwhelmed by all the wonderful entries this month where the theme for the Biscuit Barrel challenge has been 'festive and party'. I couldn't be more pleased and grateful for the support and entries and I have loved each and every one of them. I'm going to let the entries speak for themselves so here we go.
First off the mark was Michelle from Utterly Scrummy Food for Families with these Chocolate Orange Cranberry Cookies. Containing complementary flavours of chewy dried cranberries with the chocolte orange raided from her husband's stash, Michelle has created something that is perfect for occasions from lunchboxes to parties.
Next was Rebecca from BakeNQuilt with these Raspberry S'More Cookies which are a wonderfully innovative combination of a graham cracker (close to a digestive biscuit) base, a dome of raspberry marshmallow filling and a shiny chocolate coating. The picture makes me want to reach out and take one or six.
Next we have my entry of Apricot and Walnut Shortbread Fingers. Shortbread features big in my house at Christmas time but with my inability to not meddle I had to test out a version with extras in. They have proved to be very popular for sure!

Karen from Lavender and Lovage shared these Soul Cakes with the Biscuit Barrel and I'm so glad she did because I'd heard of them before but not read about them in much detail. Packed with currants and mixed spice and a dainty cross for decoration these would be ideal to share round with a cup of tea between friends. Pop over to Karen's blog for the history. 

Now we have Janine from Cake of the Week's Sprinkletastic Cookies. Janine decided to tidy out her sprinkles stash and came up with these fun cookies using her standard cookie recipe. And did I mention there is white chocolate chunks in there too? It's no wonder they were popular with her flatmate!

Alexandra from The Lass In The Apron entered these Mocha-Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies which adults will be glad to know are best not shared with children because of the strong hit from the espresso powder. Oh dear, what a hardship that would be to not have to hand the plate over to my nephews if I made these when they were visiting! (I do love them , honestly!) The sugar coating makes them sparkle prettily too.

Corina from Searching for Spice had success with these Mince Pies and is already planning more batches. A sweet, buttery shortbread like pastry encases the filling and Corina suggests duting with icing sugar to make them that little bit more special.

Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary has been very creative this month with these Oreo Button Cookies for her daughter's Coraline themed birthday party. A dark chocolate biscuit holding a creamy white filling, I'd prefer these over shop bought Oreos any day. This clever design only needs a cutter, a glass rim for the button indent and a straw for the holes. 

I have wanted to make hanging biscuits for the Christmas tree for some time now but have always dismissed the idea except now that Chiocolette from Chocolate Log Blog has posted these Chilli Christmas Shortbread Biscuits I want to give it a go all the more! Chocolate describes them as a chilli lovers delight with a rich buttery flavour and they are delicious with a ornge filling too. Very festive I'd say!

How clever are these Puff Pastry Roses with Plums by Alida from My Little Italian Kitchen? Made from simple ingredients these pretty treats come together in no time and Alida has even included a step by step tutorial to help. Roses are my favourite flower and I love pastry too so I might have to try and persuade my mum to give them a go this Christmas.

I think it is safe to say many of us bakers have been interested in tuiles ('tweels') since watching the Great British Bake Off, or if that didn't spartk an interest, it reinforced one. If so, then Grace from Life can be simple has the ideal recipe for you with these Cocoa Tuiles. I don't know how she has managed to get them so thin but well done and even more well done for choosing a chocolate version - that makes them look even yummier to me!

Stuart from Cakeyboi has delved into his archives to share these Eggnog Spice Cookies with us this month which I'm particularly glad about because I was amongst those who didn't know what eggnog was. A dairy based drink with sugar, eggs, rum and nutmeg I'm not surprised these flavours worked well in a cookie. 

For those amongst you who need to avoid gluten I urge you to try these Chewy Toffee Apple Cookies by Kate from The Gluten Free Alchemist.  Apple sharpness combines with rich caramel toffee to produce something that even actual toffee apple haters will change their minds for. Plus, I really want those sprinkles!
Another entry now from Grace from Life Can Be Simple with these Chunky Lola Cookies.  Coconut, pecans and chocolate combine to make these big cookies oozing with molten chocolate chunks which are an adaptation/recreation of a popular bakery cookie.
These Almond, Chocolate Chip and Berry Mix Oat Cookies are up next from Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker. Crumbly, buttery, dried fruit and crunchy almonds, Ros was onto a good thing when she created these for several challenge entries and also proved the use of a cookie recipe that is infintiely adaptable. A winner all round!

In a very festive post, Jen from Blue Kitchen Bakes has shared with us these Christmas Biscuits this month with the most adorable icing toppers. Pop over to frind instructions on how to make each design. I like them all but if I'm allowed a favourite it would be the penguin. Very cute. Although there is the snowman too and the beauty of the traditional designs...

Vohn of Vohn's Vittles sneaked in just before the closing time this month and I'm so glad she did because these Dr Who Biscuits are perfect for any fan. They could be used for a themed party for a variety of occasions and although I've never really watched the show before, seeing these biscuits, one decorated for each time lord, I really want to now.

Phew, all done and I'm sure you'll agree that the selection is amazing. Don't forget to let me know what you think and pop back soon to see the next Biscuit Barrel challenge for December. If you have any ideas for themes for next year, be sure to make a suggestion. You can find me on Twitter @MustBakeCakes or on Facebook on my I'd Much Rather Bake Than... page or just leave a comment on a post. I love reading them all!

Happy baking!


  1. Ooh yes, lots of lovely biscuits here. I'm particularly liking the sound of those toffee apple ones. Thanks for the round-up.

    1. Glad you like - I was very intrigued by those toffee apple ones too.

  2. Great round up! I'm particularly impressed with the plum rose shaped-ones.

  3. Everything looks so good!!Lots of ideas for December, thanks for hosting :)

  4. Great round up, lots of very tasty festive ideas here :)


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