Saturday, 28 September 2013

Biscuit Barrel September 13 Round Up

Welcome to the first ever round up of the Biscuit Barrel challenge where the theme was CHOCOLATE! If you're only just joining us then the Biscuit Barrel challenge is a little something I set up for fun to encourage bloggers and bakers to share something yummy each month that would be suitable to fit in a biscuit/cookie container. I'm ever so grateful for all those who have entered, wanted to enter but didn't have time or simply helped to spread the word. This month may only have seen a small gathering of entries but they all well and truly deserve their place. I urge you to go have a peek at the pages and a nosey around the blogs they are from. Here we go!

First up we have Chocolate and Marzipan Cookies from Stuart of Cakeyboi fame. I would never have thought of putting chocolate and marzipan together but as soon as I read about these I wondered why I hadn't. They sound like a delicious combination, each bringing something important to the cookie yet working brilliantly in tandem. Nutty deliciousness from the marzipan and do I really need to say what is good about the chocolate part?!

Next is Aimee over at Wallflower Girl and her Gluten Free Jaffa Cakes. Hands up who has wanted to make their own before, gluten free or not. Yes, I'm waving both hands in the air right now! This recipe is a clever use of ground almonds to make the base and makes the whole process look so easy. Another one to be made soon and my guess is that they will have me turning my nose up at the traditional McVities not long after.

Now we have an entry from Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog. I don't know how anyone could not love this blog - it's dedicated to the most wonderful food that is chocolate! I'm really intrigued by these Oaty Coconut, Fennel and Chocolate Cookies because of the use of coconut oil in place of butter to make them dairy free and healthier.

Melanie Jayne was really proud of her entry of Almond and Giant Button Cookies which she totally deserves to be. The base is almost like an almond flavoured shortbread which is pretty delicious sounding on its own and then you add in the big chocolate buttons dotted through them and the decorative fork markings to make them even more lovely. A prefect cup of tea and biscuit time cookie I think.

Finally there is my entry of Chocolate Fudge Pecan Cookies. Crisp on the edges with a lovely chew in the middle and packed full of all things good in my somewhat unhumble opinion. They might not have been the neatest cookies to come out of the oven because of the molten fudge pools but that's no problem. Just gather up the liquidy bits and enjoy when cooled as a cooks perk!

I hope you have liked all these biccies as much as I have. Join me again on October 1st for the new Biscuit Barrel challenge and I do so hope you can enter!


  1. Mmm, all so drool-worthy... I'm especially intrigued by Choclette's coconut, fennel & chocolate combination - I want to try that!

    1. Me too. It had me thinking, hmmmmmm, what could I do with that? Definitely interesting.

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