Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Creamy Rustic Sausages

For the title of this recipe I'm open to suggestions. I couldn't decide what to call it because the recipe that inspired is called Farmhouse Pasta but its potatoes instead of pasta in this dish and Farmhouse Potatoes just doesn't seem right. If the original was called 'farmhouse' because of the home reared pigs for the sausages and the homegrown onions and mushrooms then I might as well call this Shop Bought and Home Garden Potatoes. Still not very catchy is it? Whatever the name, this was a successful experiment adapting a previously well received recipe (no source to credit I'm afraid) to use what we already had. I didn't feel like another doughy toad in the hole to use the sausages so I thought it would be ideal to use up the cream left over from the strawberry cheesecake and if I used some of the recently unearthed potatoes I could avoid the moans from my parents about the pasta. My dad is the worst. My love of pasta has nothing to do with being a student but I can't have it at home because Dad will only accept a pasta dish about once a year and even then he eats all the other stuff and pushes most of it to the side.

This is another adaptable dish that can be multiplied or shrunk depending on how many people there are to feed and their vegetable preferences. I would have put mushrooms in today too to balance out the sausages but we didn't have any so had to make do with just tinned peas. Just about anything you have could go in there. For me though the honey and mustard is key. Ilove the taste  and it's really fun to hear the sizzle and see the colour change from pale to rich, dark and comforting golden brown when you add the honey to the pan. The onions go practically caramelised and makes we want to eat them just as they are. Then the addition of the cream reminds you that it's ok to indulge at dinner sometimes as well as at pudding. I could eat this more often than I do but I do try to be good. Most of the time. Sometimes. Occasionally.

Seeing as this recipe was intended to use up leftover cream, I'm going to enter this into the No Waste Food Challenge created by Kate at Turquoise Lemons and hosted for this month and next by Elizabeth at Elizabeths's Kitchen Diary. It's a challenge designed to encourage participants to use up those leftovers bits of food lurking in various places in the kitchen that would otherwise be forgotten and this months them is 'anything goes'. I particularly love this theme because it means I can enter lots of recipes. My mum hates food going to waste so I have grown up learning to make the most of everything possible and hence why I'm not going to tell you how long that cream has actually been opened for. It isn't very responsible of me to encourage my lovely readers to eat things past a certain age. (I'm not one for listening to use by dates but still, I don't want you to become ill just because I've danced with ageing foods.) There is a baguette in the cupboard that hasn't been touched since it was bought last week so it is now very, very hard but I've discovered it makes a rather lovely eggy bread when I make it the healthy way. But enough of that. Here's the recipe, but before I go, if you are wondering why I'm not posting my usual sweet stuff, please bare (or should that be bear?) with me. From Thursday I'm going to be dog sitting, left it my own devices while my parents go to Wales to visit my brother and his family and my god have I got some plans!

for 2 normal appetites plus 1 very hungry person 
1 large onion
Spray oil
Packet of sausages
Spoon (you choose the size) of honey
1 heaped tsp mustard
Ground pepper
New potatoes
Peas, fresh/frozen/tinned
Double cream

Peel and slice the onion into small wedges, something like this:

Heat a large frying pan, spray with a few bursts of the oil and throw in the onions. Cover, reduce the heat to medium and cook, stirring every so often if you remember.

Scrub the potatoes, slice into chunks and boil for about 5 mins. Drain and reserve the water. Set the potatoes aside until needed. How many? Erm, about this many:

Poke the sausages with a sharp knife to create fat draining holes and grill until just done. I like to do them until I don't think I can get any more fat out. It makes me cringe when I'm cleaning the pan out afterwards to see how much there is. Once ready, dab with kitchen roll and chop each sausage into 4 or 5 chunks. Set aside until needed.

Once the onions start to brown, add in the honey, pepper and parsley (chopped if fresh) and watch it sizzle before stirring together.

Meanwhile, add the mustard to the onions, a splash of the potato water to deglaze the pan and stir everything together. It will get a bit more brown.

Add in the potatoes and peas and stir again before covering back up to let the onions cook a little longer.

Add in the sausages and continue to cook to make sure everything is well done and heated through again. Add the cream, I used probably about 5 or 6 tbsp, and keep stirring together until the cream is well heated through and just starts to simmer.

Serve in warmed bowls, and if you've used a lot of cream and don't mind being really naughty, mop the excess up with crusty bread.
Happy dinnertime!!


  1. Honey mustard sausages with potatoes are the ultimate in comfort food. I love the sound of this recipe! Thanks for sharing it with the No Waste Food Challenge :)

    1. Thank you, I'm becoming practically addicted to the No Waste Food Challenge =)

  2. This recipe sounds like my perfect meal... And I like the recipe title, it's what made me want to read more!

    1. Oh yay, I'm glad you like it and that I made the right title choice in the end =)

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