Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Chocolate Smartie Cookies Volcano

Apart from strawberries the thing I really like most is chocolate. This means that any cake or biscuit that contains chocolate in either cocoa or sweetie form is going to be an instant winner with me so you can imagine how much I wanted to try these biscuits when I received my copy of 'A Passion for Baking' by Jo Wheatley and found them. I haven't made Smartie cookies in yonks and for some reason I never had the very simple idea of making the biscuit part chocolately too. Well, I can confirm it is a very good idea.

I made these last Saturday when there wasn't really a lot for me to do apart from to read. Normally this isn't a problem for me but I really wanted to be doing something a little more active and I certainly wasn't going into the garage to help with clearing up the mess caused by the flooding. (Yes, thank you Yorkshire Water for making sure the drains were unblocked and in good working order AFTER water had come up all over the garden and into the garage.) My Dad is great but with regards to his garage, I have refused to go in there for some months now seeing as I don't like climbing over things to get further than an inch through the door, nor coming out with my clothes cake in dust. When I discovered that we were nearly out of biscuits I decided that reaching up for the flour and sugar counted as being active so then the most difficult thing was to choose between these biscuits and the chocolate peanut butter cookies. 

These were fun to make but I didn't make them quite as big as the recipe stated. Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to have eaten biscuits as big as small dinner plates which these would have been if I had made the 10 stated in the recipe instead of the 39 I did (about 30g each in case you are curious) but I would have felt a little guilty at eating something that large as a treat/snack. Plus of course, there is always the thing in me that says I must fiddle about with a recipe. I don't think I have ever followed a recipe 100% to the letter. I don't know what it is about me but there you have it. It doesn't really matter in this case though as the biscuits turned out to be very popular. The only slight thing is that Mum said they had a strange smell but that may just have been her imagination. I did wonder if that was because of the amount of cocoa in them (or possibly just my cooking, either way they still tasted lovely and we have eaten many) because the whoopie pies I made last week contained a lot of cocoa and in my dearest father's words "Errr. Eugh! These smell disgusting. They smell like the carpet did last week." Considering the aforementioned flooding, that isn't a compliment. Love you too Dad.

Having said all that the best thing about these cookies was the bit in the method which says to take the baking trays out of the oven half way through cooking and give them a sharp tap on the side to flatten the balls of biscuit dough. Bash, bas BASH! went mine just for the stress release which was very fun. It was my own falt that I didn't get to watch them flatten too much because I had again meddled and flattened them slightly myself before putting them in the oven. 

I decided to use crushed Smarties mini eggs instead of normal Smarties, and put the whole lot in the mixture instead of using half to stud the tops because I still have a whole load of Easter chocolate leftover from when I went mad the week after the Easter weekend. I will not try to had the fact. Bargain chocolate is something I can resist even less than normal chocolate. I reckon I must have got about £60 woth for £15 so I don't think anyone can blame me for my rampage. Come to think of it, I'm sure I have some Milky Bar mini eggs left which I could use instead. I'd leave them whole this time though, or put them in brownies. That would work well with mini Lindt eggs too. Mmmmm.

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